About Us

Imagine you have the perfect stooge,
a secret partner in the audience.

Imagine it is tiny and invisible.
 Precise and reliable 
and it is always there,
 for YOU.

Imagine you have many of them,
at the same time!


Imagine you have "eStooge" 




eStooge was founded by a team of top international mentalist performers and technology experts, to bring you amazing effects that work! The effects are based on cutting edge technology, while carefully designed for simple and basic use, allowing you to focus on your presentation.


eStooge proposes the only system on the market that enables multiple devices to work simultaneously, enhance your performance and capabilities to a whole new level
and 'WOW' your audience!




Our Technology

eStooge has developed one of the world's smallest Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), a tiny device capable of sensing, driving, processing, and meshing with other devices wirelessly.
A flee of sensors can be embedded into real-life objects, communicating between themselves and silently sending information to a clear display on your watch, providing you endless options to perform like never before!


Take a look at our technology video (Contact us to get the password). 


Our Team

eStooge's Creative team consists of top worldwide performers, who know what works on stage. Every new effect is carefully designed to provide a clear impression, with a simple use.

eStooge's Engineering team consists of leading communications, electronics, software and mechanical engineers, with vast experience in developing advanced and reliable products.

eStooge's Support team is available to address your questions, do not hesitate to contact us for any further assistance. 




Our Products

We strive to design all of our products to be simple in concept, with a clear impression.
Our effects are:
- Tested in a real environment on stage
- Designed and tested to be interoperable with other eStooge products
- Designed to consume low power, enabling long battery life
- Monitored, and report its own battery status, avoiding any unpleasant surprises during your show



The eStooge's team is constantly thinking of the next amazing effect;
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